Thiago Gualberto

Product Designer

2002 | 2006 - graduated in Social Comunication with specialization in Advertising and Publicity.
Curiosity made me want to learn HTML so I could put my drawings on the internet. I decided to study Advertising. During my graduation I was able to work as a video editor, working with companies focused on advertising and finally work with digital media. Stimulated by new challenges I kept myself focused on the area. Nowadays, I act as a UX / UI designer and as a front-end merely to keep an update.

02.2019 | current job

Avenue Code

UX Designer

I have an opportunity to participated in the inception process also work with the design team to build a design system for the AC company and work internal products, the car company and E-commerce projects based on scrum methodologies.

12.2018 | 02.2019


Product Designer

I act as a Product Designer to work to improve the app using the UX process and work on IONIC to create HTML / CSS structure based on scrum methodologies.

11.2017 | 11.2018


UX/UI Designer

I act as UX / UI Designer creating navigable mockups using Adobe XD for apps and websites. In a specific project, I acted as UX creating wireframes and front end to assist the designers in the project (a game that aims to create a book) using angular js, JQUERY, and Bootstrap to assemble the pages. The team uses agile methodologies using Jira as a tool for creating stories to generate demands for teams in Dublin and Ukraine.

02.2017 | 09.2017

United Nations

Front-end Consultor

From a bidding made by the UN I was hired as a front-end consultant to organize the code to make it within the standards determined by the W3C in order to extend access for mobile devices as for visually impaired, another demand requested by the team was to propose the structural organization of the code and to document it. Create a style guide so that the identity of the project is maintained and create a framework for the code in the project.

This job I worked as a contractor

09.2015 | 06.2017

Câmara​ ​dos​ ​Deputados​ ​(The​ ​Chamber​ ​of​ ​Deputies)​

Multimedia​ ​designer

Demand for the post was basically to create digital books in the EPUB (open source format of books) format so the books diagrammed by the publisher could be distributed free of charge. The team was based on bookmakers, so a book-building qualification in .EPUB format with a basic notion of front-end was required. The books were made from INDESIGN and from them we created the EPUBs. Within the company I ended up doing some work that went beyond the books like the creation of wireframes, banners and book covers because of my background in design.

06.2016 | 08.2017

FIOCRUZ Foundation

UX/UI Designer

I was part of a scientific project to create an internal project for the researchers, some exercises to improve the flow of navigation were done using card sorting and A / B prototyping to visualize the best way of navigation for the researchers. In this project, we use Adobe XD, invision, photoshop, illustrator in addition to paper and pencil.

This job I worked as a contractor

09.2013 | 07.2016

Ministério da Saúde (The Ministry of Health)

Product Designer

Acting on several projects as there were several development teams we developed the use of the atomic design technique to separate the elements to document the elements, to leave the developers free to create new screens without having to create all the screens leaving the process more fluid through a style guide and a UI KIT.

07.2011 | 08.2013

TDA Brasil


Advertising agency acted as Front-end to develop totems for fairs and exhibitions, banners, CD-ROMs and hot sites. Another opportunity I had was to create Joomla and WordPress projects to create websites for companies like infraero. My tools were basically HTML, CSS bootstrap, Jquery, Flash, After effects, photoshop, and illustrator.

09.2010 | 07.2011

STF (Federal Supreme Court)


I worked in the internal communication department of the company where the team that created internal dissemination material, doing layouts for websites and banners. We basically used photoshop, illustrator, flash, and CSS.

07.2007 | 07.2009



I acted as a front-end in the company that was Microsoft partner where we created pages based on .NET for projects of the company itself and for clients. Particularly at this time, it was a little more difficult since there were not as many frameworks as today, for example, bootstrap to assist in the creation of CSS and HTML.


06.08.2019 | Belo Horizonte/MG

Speaker:Lunch and Learn: PO + UX building great products

15.06.2016 | Salvador/BA

Mentor: Hackthlon 1ª Maratona de Desenvolvimento de Soluções Tecnológicas para Enfrentamento da Zika e Síndrome Congênita

15.06.2016 | Brasília/DF

Speaker: Usabilidade e Experiência: Sua Marca Com Valor (Usability and Experience: Your Brand With Value)

23.03.2015 | Brasília/DF

Speaker: Design de Interfaces: Usabilidade e Experiência do Usuário (Interfaces Design: Usability and User Experience)

08.2014 | Brasília/DF


10.2013 | Brasília/DF

Toy design (14h)

03.2010 | Brasília/DF

5º Almanaque de Criação (8h)
Dois nove meia

11.2009 | Pernambuco/PE

14º EDTED - Encontro de Design e Tecnologia Digital (8h)

2009 | Pernambuco/PE


2008 | Pernambuco/PE

13º EWD - Encontro de Webdesign (8h)

09.2008 | Rio de Janeiro/RJ

FIND Fórum Internacional de Design e Tecnologia Digital